BaklLol - Now Have Fun on Whatsapp with Indian Stickers

Now, you can have all the fun on Whatsapp with lots of Indian stickers and memes for Whatsapp with this simple app called - bakLOL, exclusively created to suit Indian WhatsApp users.

Creation of this app came out of curiosity when the app makers noticed that a new messenger was launched and a lot of young people started moving to it just because Whatsapp doesn't have stickers. Syed Atif with support of Ankit Gupta immediately felt the need of an app that can enable users to use stickers and memes in Whatsapp while chatting with our friends. "Then we thought why we cannot develop an android app which can support Whatsapp to provide stickers/memes/trolls to the users in order to make it more interesting. Thus, we started working on it." said Ankit.

All Whatsapp addicted people who spend most of their leisure time chatting with friends and prefer Whatsapp over other means of communication because of the liberty it gives you in terms of using pictures and stuff.

There are other apps on the play store which provide Whatsapp stickers and memes but they do not have content relevant for Indians. Also, the mechanism to send the stuff on Whatsapp is a little cumbersome. BakLOL fills this gap as it contains stuff relevant to Indians only along with an easy mechanism to share the stickers on Whatsapp.

A Baklol is a person who is supposed to be stupid. It is a Bihari word, generally used by the people of Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. The app contains an exhaustive collection of Indian Memes from Bollywood and Television shows, Desi Trolls and Indian lingo stickers (what people in India usually talks).

Makers of this app are Syed Atif, Ankit Gupta and UJ. Syed Atif is a Mechanical Engineer from HBTI, Kanpur by qualification who hails from Mau, a small town near Allahabad, UP. An artist from the core of his heart, he is a pro in Sketching, Painting, Singing Rap. While, Ankit Gupta is a Software Engineer from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Ahmedabad. UJ is a Chemical Engineer from HBTI, Kanpur.

The ease of using bakLOL app is what makes it different from other such apps. Just install this app, a floating icon will appear when you open Whatsapp™ and you can directly send stickers and memes from the app. No need to go back to the home screen and open bakLOL app again and again.

There are 8 categories in bakLOL as of now - Bollywood: ,TV, Thand Rakh: An exclusive collection of desi indianized version of Keep Calm posters, Trolls: An exclusive collection of desi indianized version of funny trolls, Shudh Desi Romance: For people in love, this is what they typically speak, BC(BAATCHEET): Indian Lingo, this is what most of the indians speak, Cult Movies: Memes from cult bollywood movies e.g. Delhi belly, South Indian spice: Especially for our south Indian brotherhood.

For all WhatsApp users and addicts its a must have app for you to have on your smartphone as WhatsApp doesn't provide any feature of ending stickers & meme and this app is filling in the app especially for Indian users. Moreover, a saviour for WhatsApp itself, as new messaging apps are coming in with sticker sending features people might move away from Whatsapp and now with bakLOL as an add-on (not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp) for WhatsApp there are no reason to leave Whatsapp as as far as feature of sending 'Stickers & Memes' are concerned.

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