While in the 21st century, we might be connected to the world but unfortunately most of us aren't even aware of who are neighbours are, leave alone being in touch with them. While the technological minds must have successfully connected India to the United States, it somewhere skipped their mind to connect North Delhi to East Delhi. Working on this concept is an Andheri, Mumbai-based startup called Hash.

Hash indeed looks like a promising social discovery app that connects you to people you may need, either for play or for business; to possibilities and opportunities that you didn't know exist within your hyper-local space.

The app is predominantly a social discovery platform which allows one to connect with friends/strangers safely without sharing their personal information like email and mobile number with anyone. Other than this, by using hashtag categorized interaction, the platform can also be utilised for various other activities such as broadcasting offers, ordering food, Managing Events and connecting to local services.

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According to the startup, while there are many platforms already in the market that let one connect with friends and colleagues whom they already know , but there's is a platform that allows people to express their thoughts and interest with like-minded people. Their USP, according to them, is the ability to provide people a platform where they can strike up a conversation with anyone around or within their local area without sharing any information.

It all began as a fun project when the HASH team built a simple Hashtag based jukebox, which would fetch tweets from twitter for #SongRequest and played the songs in real-time using Youtube API. The entire HASH team was really inspired by the jukebox concept and decided to develop more such projects by using Hashtags. They soon realised that by restricting the jukebox functionality to a desired limit, the same concept can also be used in pubs, restaurants etc. Eventually while working on the concept they also realised that though the existing social networks are connecting us to the world, we're somewhere losing touch with our Neighbours and the same hashtag concept can also be used by the team to correct this thing.

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HASH has been co-founded by Alazhar Kapadia and Vishwesh Shetty. Having a collective experience of more than 10 years, they both have previously co-founded another startup called Adevole together.

Currently looking to raise Series A funding of $200,000, the startup's mission is to create a strong local community and connect people around them. The startup is hopeful to have around 50,000 engaged users and 500 merchants on their platform in the period of next 1-2 months.

So, want to know who your neighbours are, you now know where to head to!

Hash App - Play Store URL

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