Wouldn't knowing the person beforehand that you’re about to meet be a major plus point? Well, there is one product that can help you achieve that and get you ahead in the game. The product is called Relatas. It is a business relationship intelligence product which will change the way you interact, both in personal and professional life. The product will fill an important gap that we all feel in our daily interactions.

Relatas helps it users to achieve the social intelligence of the person that he or she is looking or wanting to meet. It gives the user an added advantage in the conversations which he or she has with that person. The product even lets its users share document with complete document analysis and expiry dates. The user can see when the document that he or she shared with a particular person was opened. It also gives the user information about how much time did the reader spent on a particular page along with complete page analysis. This particular feature can act as a boon for Sales and Marketing people who keep sharing important documents with their clients.

With the help of Relatas, you can see your Global meeting map and track who and when you met someone globally. It even provides a detailed meeting analysis so that you pick up the right thread when you meet again.  It makes your life easier by collating all your contact details.

relatas screenshot

relatas screen

Relatas also syncs multiple calendars together. The user can also subscribe to events which then get added directly to his or her calendar. This ensures that the user doesn’t end up missing an important meeting or event.

Relatas is a Bangalore based startup and has been founded by Sudip Dutta. He has an experience of 15+ years in the field of Sales and Marketing and has worked across three continents. Sudip got the idea to develop Relatas to solve the problems that he was facing in his daily life because of being a frequent traveler and a super busy person. All the features that the product offers are basically the solutions to the problems that Sudip faced due to traveling and his busy calendar.

Relatas can act as a boon for Enterprises which have as a Sales and Marketing team of more than 3 and individuals who meet more than 10 new people in a week.

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