ParaBlu is a 2012 Bangalore startup, which gives its user the ability to secure and control their digital data which is stored in existing public clouds such as Google drive, Dropbox etc. or on storage systems such as NAS. It allows the users to encrypt all the data stored in public clouds or any device.

ParaBlu offers it consumers Blu-Cloud, which is a new age personal cloud appliance. It stores and syncs the user’s file with complete privacy and security. The user can access his or her data anywhere, anytime over the internet. Blu-Cloud allows its users to store, sync, share, stream and search their data securely.

Blu-Cloud provides a full proof privacy and control system as the user’s entire data is stored in his or her personal cloud. The company doesn’t store or save any of the user’s data.

With Blu-Cloud, users can share files as links. It also provides them with the feature to password protect their files so that only intended users get a hold over their data. It even creates a minicloud and provides access to the user’s collaborators. The collaborator can access the files in the minicloud by simply logging into it. Minicloud acts as a sharing circle which the user creates to share data privately between work, friends and family etc.  Blu-Cloud has no storage restriction and it even works with an external hard drive.

Blu-Cloud is of great help to its users, it makes family sharing of media files, e-books, recipes, documents, and everything else very easy. It lets the user to create mini-clouds which lets each and every member of the family have his or her own shareable area. Now, passing around links and passwords have become a thing of past. Blu-Cloud allows its user to automatically upload and consolidate their videos, pictures and music from other devices and the users can also stream those media files back for their consumption. Blu-Cloud is possibly the easiest appliance to set up which sets up in less than 60 seconds.

ParaBlu has been founded by Kameshwaran Subramanian, who is an IIM Bangalore alumnus and holds several management positions in companies like IBM, Nokia and Robert Bosch. ParaBlu is Subramanian’s second startup.

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