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Robert Scoble, the 49 year tech Pundit who became famous as an early adopter of the much popular Google glass has some advice for Microsoft, the tech giant. According to Robert, who was also an ex-evangelist at Microsoft’s technology for Windows, it’s time for the tech giant to ditch its Windows Phone.

In an interview given to GeekWire, Robert mentions that the train has sailed for Windows and it’s time for Microsoft to give up its Windows Phone, go Android, and embrace and extend as the company did with Internet. He also mentions that he has given this particular advice a lot of times to the company but the company just doesn’t listens to him.

In the interview, Roberts says that currently the biggest problem with Microsoft as a company is that it’s committee driven and slow. In a big company like Microsoft with a lot of people, workers become comfortable and don’t contribute as much as they would have done in a startup. Robert adds that he has some hopes for Microsoft under the leadership of Satya Nadella.

He further attributes Microsoft’s 4 percent market share for mobile to the reason that it has no applications and there’s no love for developers of apps.

Robert applauds Satya for Microsoft’s recent deal with Apple where Apple has agreed to get rid of Google and put office instead. He thinks Microsoft’s presence in the popular iPhone will benefit the company a lot.

During his interview, he also brings out the issue of which out of the two San Francisco and Seattle is the centre of the world.  He strongly feels that Microsoft isn’t doing well because of it being based in Seattle and not San Francisco. According to him, San Francisco has 6,000 times more tech companies than Seattle. Further, all the money is in San Francisco when you look at the venture fund maps. The PR is in San Francisco. The centricity of the whole industry is in San Francisco.

Robert feels that the tech giant needs to get out of Seattle and Seattle hackathons where there are Windows phones because it’s a Windows world. They need to go to other parts of the world for hackathons and convince them to get a Windows phone.

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