We always urge to stay connected to our loved ones 24x7 and there is one company which is working towards just that.  goTenna is a device that enables its users to stay connected with their family and friends even without the availability of any central connectivity – no satellites, no cell towers and no Wi-Fi etc. goTenna functions even when the user’s phone is in the "Airplane Mode".

goTenna is a Brooklyn, US based tech startup cofounded by Daniela Perdomo and Jorge Perdomo. The device is currently available only in the US and can be bought in pairs. You can buy the two devices-one for you and one for your near or dear one with whom you want to stay connected. goTenna will cost around $149.99 for two devices.

The device is very easy to use. The user has to pair their goTenna devices to his or her Smartphones wirelessly by using Bluetooth-LE.  The user’s goTenna device needs to be within 20 feet of their mobile phones so that proper communication between the two can take place. Then, the user needs to use the free app provided by goTenna and type out a text message or share a location. The user’s Smartphone will send out the message the user just typed on the goTenna free app to his or her goTenna device which will then shoot it out to the intended goTenna using long radio waves.

At the receiving end, the same procedure will take place but in reverse.  The recipient’s goTenna would send the user’s message to the Smartphone app that it is paired with making use of Bluetooth LE. This procedure though looks time consuming is just a matter of milliseconds. goTenna has the capability to transit to any other goTenna device within its range.

goTenna comes packed with some awesome features. It helps to send and receive text messages free of cost. It even lets the user share locations on detailed offline maps. Its instantaneous nature is also one of its plus points. It even offers automatic message retry and delivery confirmation. The user can send individual and group messages using the device and even shout broadcasts to anyone within range. It has proximal friend map and location pinging. It even has an emergency chat option. It further offers its users with end to end encryption and self destructing messages.

goTenna is easily compatible with Android and iOS devices.
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