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San Francisco based company Amazon has recently launched an online service for collaborating on work projects in order to take on its tech rival Google.

The document collaboration service is called Zocalo and is being touted as a secure and fully managed sharing service. In order to increase user productivity, it has great feedback capabilities and strong administrative controls. By launching Zocalo, Amazon has added another feather to its cap of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By using Zocalo, users can comment on files, send them for feedbacks and even upload new versions without having to stick to the old method of emailing multiple versions of their files as attachments. It also offers IT administrators the choice of integrating with existing corporate directories, audit logs, flexible sharing policies and even control the location where the data is stored. It sends notifications to the contributors about deadlines, review activities through mail and offers versioning capabilities.

Zocalo acts as a central hub for both the files and documents that the user is reviewing as well as those that they own and are soliciting feedback on. This feature makes reading or contributing comments as easy and simple as a few clicks.

According to Zocalo’s general manager Noah Eisner, for a long time customers have been complaining to them about how they’re totally fed up with the complexity, performance and cost of their existing old guard enterprise document and collaboration management tools. Going by the users’ complaints and demands, Amazon finally came up with Zocalo.

Users can start using Zocalo with a one month free trial providing 200 GB of storage per user for up to 50 users. After the free trial, it will cost $5 per user per month. Zocalo doesn’t need any hardware or software as it is fully managed.

Zocalo can be used from anywhere, anytime and on any device of the user’s choice. Users can make use of Zocalo apps for Kindle Fire, iPad and Android tabs. By making use of Zocalo Sync client, users can have the files saved on their computer automatically uploaded to Zocalo over an encrypted connection and synced across their other devices.

Google Docs, Dropbox etc. will act as a challenge for Amazon’s Zocalo.

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