Garbage is one of the main factors which affects the beauty and hygiene of our country and the situation only worsens every year with the growing population. Finally, it seems someone has taken note of the situation and is working hard to make India a garbage less country.

Waste Ventures India Pvt Ltd. is an international social enterprise which has an aim of creating sustainable solid waste management systems in tier 2 and tier 3 cities across India. The company is based out of New Delhi.

Waste Ventures was founded by Parag Gupta, a serial social entrepreneur in 2011. He has bachelors from the University of Chicago and masters from Harvard Kennedy School. Having worked hard globally on innovative solution to public policy issues, he was drawn to the urgency and impact of solid waste management. He then ended up creating a blueprint for commercially viable developing world solid waste management.

Waste Ventures has pioneered a unique model in India for solid waste management which includes door-to-door collection, environmental waste processing as well as carbon credits. The model has already been tested in several states of the country and has been created in collaboration with waste management organisations from across the world.


In order to create a new paradigm of financially viable and environmentally sustainable waste management, Waste Ventures has tried to involve all the stakeholders in the system which include existing waste organisations, municipalities/ RWAs as well as private investors.

Waste Venture has also taken up developing a household collection system in Motihari, Bihar as a part of its direct implementation services. The project involves collecting waste directly from households who pay a monthly fee. The waste collected is then processed through anaerobic compositing and the recyclable materials are separated and recovered. It is entirely a privately run project funded and executed in collaboration with Waste Ventures Charities for knowledge management and data gathering on the operations of the project.

Waste Ventures has a phenomenal team with experience from both corporate, social enterprise and non-profit sector who is working hard to give India an image makeover. The company has some 44 projects lined up this fiscal. In future, it has plans of expanding to 10 Andhra Pradesh municipalities.

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