Garbage has become such an eternal part of people living in the developing countries that it doesn't seem to affect them anymore. But, thankfully there are some bright minds that are not ready to settle for this and are working hard to change the way garbage occupies the same space in the cities as the humans.

Sampurn(e)arth Enviornment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. plans to change the entire world into a place where garbage is transformed into something utilizable and that too without the exploitation of the planet or people. The Mumbai based startup wants to break the non-cyclic process of waste management. The non-cyclic process currently includes extraction, consumption, production and land filing or dumping which ends up resulting in ever increasing strain and pressure on natural resources, ground water pollution and green house gas emissions.

The startup has been founded by three college mates Ritvik R., Debartha B. and Jayanth N. They all hold a masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship from the Tata Institute of Social Science. The state of waste management in Mumbai prompted them to find this startup so that they can do their bit for the environment they live in.

The entrepreneurs have been successful in signing upto 60 clients in its three years of existence. These clients include university campuses, corporate offices and housing blocks. The young entrepreneurs are now also managing the food waste at their Alma mater TISS, where the kitchen produces up to 900 pounds every day. The slop goes into an on-site digester at TISS which then produces enough gas to cook half the campus’s  food.
Installed compost pits for waste recycling

The startup provides a decentralized waste management system which saves a considerable amount in transportation costs and even eliminates the related emissions. Their service include waste audit designing a customized waste management system, enhancing environmental services, installing waste management system and operation and maintenance of the waste management system.  They offer solutions for both biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. For treating biodegradable waste, they make use of Biogas plants or Composting and in case of non-biodegradable waste, the waste is channelized to recycling units which leaves a very small percentage of waste in dumping grounds and creates zero-waste situations.

SmapurnaEarth has gained much acclaim over the three year period of its functioning. The most significant one has been its first prize in the Global Social Venture Competition 2014. ( organized by the Haas School of Business of the University of California – Berkeley where we emerged as the winners out of about 650 entries from 40 countries.


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