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The app market is booming like never before. Nowadays we have an app for almost everything. There's an app to count your calorie intake, to measure your water intake, to help you find a cab and even an app to give you a time to time update about the traffic crisis on your route. These apps have surely made our lives much easier and faster.

With innumerous useful apps being launched every day, it comes as no surprise that the number of app downloads in our country will cross the 9 billion mark by 2015. This figure was revealed in an Assocham-Deloitte joint study. The 9 billion figure would be a big increase as the number of app downloads in India stood at a mere 1.56 billion in the year 2012.

A mobile application is basically a computer program which is designed to run on tablet computers, smartphones and other such mobile devices.

The Assocham-Deloitte joint study was conducted among people aged 16-30 years. According to the study, creating appropriate applications and local language content for each market, awareness and user education could result in generating greater opportunities media & entertainment and telecom industry.

The study also revealed that the recent consumer shift towards mobility devices and applications from fixed products and services provides an opportunity to equipment manufacturers, marketers and content and technology providers to accelerate the pace of development of mobile solutions.

The recent move to cloud services and mobile devices has benefitted technology providers with more and new opportunities to create better and closer relations with their customers and increase customer loyalty.

According to the study, monetization plays a big role for both global and local mobile game developers trying to enter the Indian market as India is still a price sensitive society where a majority does not prefer paying for mobile games and downloading large sized games despite of low internet plans and cheap gaming rates.

Mobile gaming has gained a great momentum in the gaming world. While technology giant, Apple offers community based experience with applications such as Game Centre which can be easily accessed on the company’s iPhones and iPads, Windows Smartphones on the other hand have Xbox Live for its customers.

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