Pinterest has now finally started rolling out paid test for Promoted pins and earn some revenue from website after four years of launch of website. In September, Pinterest announced about its plans to experiment with promoted pins on Pinterest and now it has finally started to monetize it substantial user base it has from paid test experiment that will gradually expand to full advertisement model of promoted pins, as per announcement made on Pinterest blog.

Pinterest is now started working with a small group of brands from different industries, in the U.S. only, to roll out a paid test in search and category feeds. Different brands working with Pinterest for promoted pins are - ABC Family, Banana Republic,, Nestle - Purina, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Gap and more.

As per Pinterest promoted pins will not be like flashy banners or pop-up ads, instead these will always be relevant to users interest and about stuff users are actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that's your style.

Promoted pins work just like regular pins, only they have a special 'promoted' label, along with a link to learn more about what that means.

According to company tens of millions of people have added more than 30 billion Pins to Pinterest and brands are a big part of this.

Pinterest, at first will promote a few pins in search and category feeds to get a feel for how they work, thereafter after the test results the company will finalize the roadmap on how to use promoted pins in best way so as to provide better experience and benefit to its users and make money at the same time.

As per AdAge Pinterest is seeking for major commitments from prospective advertisers i.e. between $1 million and $2 million per campaign. That means Pinterest is aiming for CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) at between $30 to $40 - an aggressive price point compared to standard web advertising, or even other social ads. Pinterest declined to comment on its pricing.

In October last year Pinterest got whooping $225 million in Series-E round of funding and valuation of the company came out to be $3.8 billion.

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