Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a multitasker. This device can do it all. You now no longer need a separate device to read an e-book or watch a movie on the go and another device to make entertainment clips and do hardcore work stuff.  Surface Pro 3 combines the best of both a laptop and a tablet and aims at making your life easier and sorted.

This new device by Microsoft works on its Windows 8 system and thus like any other traditional laptop, it can perform functions like Photoshop, movie maker, Microsoft Office and more. On the other hand it has a touch screen just like a tablet. In addition, the Pro also has an optional cover that opens to avow a touchpad and keyboard.

The Surface Pro 3 has a price range similar to laptops. Currently, it is priced at $799 (around Rs. 46,585) and the keyboard cover comes in at an extra $130 (around Rs. 7579). If you’re planning to replace your laptop with a Pro 3 then configuration costs can run up to $1,949 (around Rs. 1, 13,636) or more as you will be requiring more memory and a quicker processor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a display of 12-inch which is more than 10.6 inch display of Pro 2. According to Microsoft, this would help increasing users’ productivity. At 1.76 pounds, Pro 3 is much faster and thinner than Pro 2.  It has also been bestowed with the title of ‘thinnest Intel Core product ever made’.

Microsoft has started taking orders from 21st May though the mid range configuration of Pro 3 will come out in the market only on June 20 and the rest will be launched subsequently later this summer.

Surface Pro 3 also comes packed with a stylus which feels exactly like a real pen and lets you doodle or write in Microsoft’s OneNote App. It also comes with a fan which is about 30 percent more proficient than any other fan currently available in the market.

Microsoft claims that the Pro 3 has a battery life of 9 hours which is an improvement from previous models. It has an aspect ratio of 3:2. Overall, it is wonderful device for people who are sick of handling two devices i.e. the laptop and tablet and desperately want to trade them off for a single device.
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