Smart24x7 is a safety application that empowers its users against incidents of violence, crime, stress, anxiety taking place in our daily life. It does so by sending stress signals and calling aid in case of an emergency. The app was initially launched in 2013 but after seeing the recent developments in the country, the app has been upgraded and revamped.

Smart24x7 is available across all leading platforms. The app is available for free download for AndroidiPhoneWindows and Blackberry mobiles and devices

The app has been widely accepted by the public. It has got over more than 70,000 downloads since the day of its launch. The app has had a successful launch in Jammu, Gurgaon and Jalandhar and is being used by their police to nab the criminals and help the users.  The app will soon be launched in Noida, Mehrauli, Kashmir, Bangalore and Lucknow too while discussions are still in the initial stage with Rajasthan, Goa, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Nowadays, newspapers are filled with stories of crime and violence. Security and safety of their own and loved ones top the priority of most individuals. Smart24x7 Response services Pvt. Ltd understand this concern and hence it has designed this phenomenal personal safety app.

Smart24x7 comes packed with great features. It instantly sends panic alerts to your loved ones if the user presses PANIC button. In addition, if the GPRS of the phone is not working, it will send alerts through SMS. It makes the user instantly available with help from Police, Hospitals located nearby to the location of the user. The app even lets the user to feed his or her medical history which could be used in case of a medical emergency. Smart24x7 also does voice recording and clicks pictures during the emergency which are then directly transferred to the police. It has also introduced a new ‘On the way to Office/home’ features which keeps the loved ones informed about the users current status.

It allows a user to save five primary contacts to which the user wants to send an alert in time of an emergency. The app doesn’t require internet connectivity. Whenever the PANIC button is pressed, it results in the deduction of 30 rupees from the phone balance.

Smart24x7 is a much needed app in today’s time. It gives you a sense of security and safety even when you are away from home.

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