World-Map of most visited websites by country

World map that illustrates the most visited website in each country has been created by Mark Graham (@geoplace) and Stefano De Sabbata (@maps4thought) of Internet Geographies at the Oxford Internet Institute.

As per the map Google and Facebook rules the www world, while Google is the most visited website in most of Europe,Indian sub-continent, North America, and Oceania. Facebook on other hand is the most visited website in most of the Middle East, North Africa and some part of south-america.

The map has been created using freely available data retrieved from Alexa on August 12th, 2013 and data used for this world-map visualization were calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to a site and the estimated number of page views on that site from users in that country over the past month.

Among top websites of world, Google being the search engine and offer wide variety of web products & services it's quite understood what makes it so popular, however Facebook being the social-network has really shown a tremendous effect of its popularity among internet population leaving behind other internet biggies such as Yahoo and MSN., no doubt rules the China and surrounding region making it not only the most used search engine in China, which is currently home to the world’s largest Internet population at over half a billion users but also make it most visited website of China, Mongolia and Korea combined.

Surprisingly, Yahoo is most visited website in Japan, now that's quite unbelievable, Japan which is considered as the top technologically advanced country in the world and how can it adopt such a web entity which is almost crawling behind its competitors such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter unfortunately doesn't made its presence in this data visualization and so is Microsoft's Bing search engine. The map visualization might be quite superficial as the data source is Alexa which collects data from few millions of internet users in contrast to billions of internet users of the world however it did come up with the facts of who are top players in world-wide web.

[Via - Oxford Internet Institute ]

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