Menstrupedia is an Essential Online Puberty Guide for Teens

An online portal Menstrupedia has been gaining popularity among teen online users, it actually is a fun online guide to healthy periods (menstruation cycle), aiming at spreading awareness about menstruation and shatter myths around the subject in countries which are more conservative in these kind of subjects.

In country like India and south-east countries where women have lot of myths and disbelief about this natural phenomena of women , aims at spreading awareness about menstruation and shatter myths around the subject. At menstrupedia we are devising various ways to help young girls and women stay informed about their body and managing their periods effectively.

The website offers features such as Ask questions, illustrated quick guide. The Ahmedabad based startup is also planning to release comic on the subject that will guide young girls about their changing bodies and especially about menstruation using stories adapted from real life situations, the comic will be released soon in various languages.

The Ahmedabad startup launched the portal in November' 2012 provide various other services as well as such as video journals and online comic strips called - "Tales of Changes" for young girls, where women from various NGOs spread the awareness through this comic strip to young girls.

Aditi Gupta and Tuhin PaulAditi Gupta a young entrepreneur from Jharkand, India and founder & brain-child of told WSJ India that - "Like most young girls, I started menstruating age 12. But only learned about what periods really were aged 15 in Class 9. Even then our teacher skipped the chapter, telling us to read it on our own".

Unlike to teen of 90's now teens have easy access to internet and the website Menstrupedia is a answer to this taboo subject in India providing resourceful guide about menstruation which helps girls and women to stay healthy and active during their menstruation.

The online portal has a team of dynamic and passionate people with complementary skills including gynecologists, subjects experts and content writers.

The online website is not just popular in India but abroad as well, apart from India it use to get visitors from 195 countries such as Canada and the Philippines

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