Sarvajal is Ahmedabad based social startup that has come up with a new technology developed to provide clean drinking water in communities who usually starving for clean water for various purpose. The technology developed combine a Water ATMs which is actually a vending machine that enables availability of clean drinking water 24 hours a day, these water ATMs are solar-powered combined with reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration units with reduced operational costs.

Taking its name from a Sanskrit word meaning "water for all," Sarvajal was founded in 2008 by the Piramal Water Private Limited - a private philanthropic foundation whose work revolves around solutions to India's most pressing challenges.

Water shortage is often faced by slum dwellers in urban areas in India especially metros like Delhi where people from slum areas often struggle on daily basis to get clean water for drinking. Although the government provides water through 'water tankers' (similar to petroleum carriers) but the solution is more erratic and often create anarchy in local residents and more over people also tends to bribe the officials to get clean drinking water.

Sarvajal water ATMs is potential solution of this problem as till now it has provided more than 200,000,000 liters of clean drinking water. The unfiltered water is collected, filtered and distributed to people via one way water dispensers in measured quantities. Water is sold through these water ATMs for as low as 25 paise per litre which is 0.5 US cents, notably Sarvajal receives no subsidies or support from Indian government and all of its operational costs are being managed by the startup only which is a great success for an social startup this is the reason the company has been named as one of the World’s top 10 most innovative companies in India for 2013.

Sarvajal currently has 35 of its water ATMs installed in 6 states of India, and the plan is to launch another 50 in the coming months across slum redevelopment communities in Delhi  in collaboration with the Delhi Jal Board. The startups is already serving 75,000 regular customers in six states and provide 400 odd jobs as an employer.

Water ATMs by Sarvajal is Clean Technology to provide safe drinking water

The whole process of clean drinking water ATMs varies somewhat depending on a village’s size and needs, but Sarvajal generally helps set up a small water filtration plant that can be maintained by local residents and establishes a series of cloud-connected water ATMs from which people can make withdrawals using a prepaid smart card. Employing sophisticated technology that makes it possible to remotely monitor their distribution network.

Sarvajal also provide franchisees for its water ATM units. Based in Ahmedabad, India , Sarvajal recruits currently have 150 local entrepreneurs to run water service franchises and also provide them training, filtration equipment, payment solutions, phone-based customer service, marketing materials and maintenance. Sarvajal also let local entrepreneurs to connect them with financing institution for funding.

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