Just few days back Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm launched 'smart watches' of their own but this time oddly an automotive company - Nissan, will be launching a cool smart watch called - Nissan Nismo Smartwatch, although its still at concept stage and once launched it will be first smartwatch ever created by a car manufacturer. Nissan will launch the smart watch in Frankfurt Motor Show, Germany.

Nissan smartwatch is part of new innovation lab announced by Nissan - Nissan Nismo Lab, probably that is why the smartwatch is named after it, the Nismo lab is working on other innovations as well that moves around automobile and cars.

Nissan's new smartwatch will be called as - 'Nismo smartwatch' and it monitor and display key data about you, your car, driving conditions and your social circle as well. The smartwatch is reportedly made specifically for car racers where it analyze and monitors car's vital stats such as - top speed, avg. speed and fuel efficiency, and it does it all by connecting with a smartphone app (possibly by Nissan only) and also check drivers vital signs and data such as - driver's heart rate.

This wearable technology from Nissan will be available in black, white or black and red, however other things of this smartwatch such as - price, availability and public launch date is still speculative to say, probably questions might get answered in tomorrows Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

Like I said just few days back 3 companies on same day launched their own smart-watches separately and it clearly depicts that companies are involving themselves pretty hard in this new wearable technology competition, notably Google and Apple are also in queue for launching their own smart-watches.

As we have compared all smart-watches launched till date, Nissan's Nismo Watch is more sexy & gorgeous of them all but bad news - it's still in concept stage and yet to be launched. Some of the features that gives Nissan edge over other smart-watches - battery last for over seven days (comparing to Sony' smartwatch being highest as - 3-4 days), design is more sleek and shinier and above all have larger screen.

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