Shared History of Nokia & Microsoft - Infographic

For past few years Microsoft and Nokia has teamed up so well that no other brands have carried so well. Moreover recently Microsoft announced to have bought Nokia's devices & services division and patents for whopping $7.2 Billion. Microsoft Windows mobile platform would have died without Nokia in mobile market, it's because of Nokia Windows phone such as Lumia, that Microsoft Windows mobile has come a long way so far.

Not many people know that Nokia was established in 1865 as a paper manufacturer its year 1963 when Nokia actually start working in telecommunication sector.  12 years thereafter in 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft and in 1985 launched Windows operating system.

Notably, in 2004 Nokia launched touch screen phone which is way much earlier when Apple iPhones came into existence and everybody knows both the companies had filed law-suits on each other for copyright and patent violation.

Nokia partnered with Microsoft in 2011 i.e. hardly 2 years back and the partnership was so fruitful that Microsoft ended up with acquisition of deal of its devices and services division. It is also rumored that Nokia is building a 10.1 inch Windows-based tablet in order to compete with Apple iOS and Android tablets already in market.

In infographic below, you will see chronological history of both Nokia and Microsoft since 1865 till 2012, all the invention, innovation has been marked in picture below:

P.S. - Some of the innovation depicted in infographic below are not by Nokia or Microsoft

Shared History of Nokia & Microsoft - Infographic


sandislosandi said…
Very interesting article about "powerful" companies. Both are still important in the global markets
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