Google vs Apple in App Store Race

Since 2008 mobile apps are becoming one of the important things in daily life of urban population, when two big tech companies Google & Apple released their app stores for Android and iOS respectively. Neomobile has done an infographic analysis for both major app store market.

In 2013 Google claimed that the number of Android activations will reach 900 million, compared with 600 million of activations of Apple's iOS devices. Apple recently announced historic 50 billionth download on iOS app store, one other hand Google said to have 48 billion from its app store - Google Play, with 2 billion downloads/month versus 1.8 billion/month of Apple iOS app store.

In terms of revenue Apple is ahead of Google Play store, Apple's daily revenue of applications in the top 200 grossing was $5.1M in April 2013, which is 4.6 times higher than the 200 top applications in Google Play store, which had daily revenue of $1.1M.

Google vs Apple in App Store Race

WhatsApp Messenger a mobile app by WhatsApp, Inc. is a free app in Google Play but a paid one in the Apple app
store, it still made more money in Google Play in three large European countries: Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Apple also leads Google in terms of total downloads per device sold which is 83 Apps per device sold on other hand Google's Android downloads per android device activation is 53 apps.

Although Apple leads the way with Google in terms of revenue as well, nevertheless Google Play store's growth has increased significantly over last six months. While only 19% of the combined revenue came from Google Play in November 2012, this share went up by 8 percentage points to 27% in April 2013.

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