Indian Startups to get Benefits from Nasscom and iSpirt Race

The Indian startup ecosystem is has grown more than double folds in last 5 years and so are different associations' effort to offer platform to startups in India in order to nurture them and help them to get investments from Indian investors and from across the globe as well. The race has grew so much that different bodies, associations are in race with each other.

NASSCOM and iSpirt (Indian Software Product Industry Round Table) are helping Indian startups in various areas, while iSpirt is envisaging an action plan for increasing merger and acquisition opportunities for Indian product startups NASSCOM on other hand has already started 10,000 startup initiative to incubate, fund and support 10,000 technology startups in India over the next 10 years.

In number of total number of startups in year 2012, India showed CAGR growth of 15% with around 1,326 total startup which is ahead of China, Israel, Germany and Japan which shows tremendous growth in Indian startups ecosystem and made a mark as one of key centre in technology innnovation of world.

Indian Startups to get Benefits from Nasscom and iSpirt Race


Nasscom, as per its 10,000 startups initiative has met top VCs and startup accelerators in silicon valley, US to help 15 startups to be identified as candidate for future investment right from silicon valley. This initiative from NASSCOM is already helping startups in India and brand India as emergin destination for startups.

Meanwhile, iSpirt team met with the CEOs of about 20 Indian startups, with mostly who have some presence in Silicon Valley to gain better access to their markets and customers. iSpirt has also in process of identifying several issues that need to be addressed to improve merger and acquisition activity in the US-India corridor.

This constant touch of iSpirt team with silicon valley will further wants to provide 40 startups in India to get funded in the next three years.The iSPIRT team also had a private meeting with the head of M&A at Oracle.

Apart from silicon valley, NASSCOM on other hand also wants to spread startup-boosting hubs in India itself such as incubators and accelerators and thus in process launch start-up warehouses, incubators with in-house mentors and infrastructure, in Indian states like - Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and the Delhi/NCR area.

Recently,  NASSCOM with Zinnov collaboration launched - a database or directory of Indian technology companies has been launched today by . In this directory, apart from searching Indian tech-companies one can add, edit about Indian companies, startups and technology products or service based firms in India only.

All the while, Indian tech startups are indeed getting benefits from healthy competition between Nasscom & iSpirt, two association which moves around technology companies and startups in India. More startups are getting investment opportunities in their ideas and platform to get nurtured in terms of mentorship, infrastructure and aids in boosting and bringing out technological advancements in their future plans.

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