Tweet goes Viral of NDTV Faking Videos Using YouTube

A recent tweet made over a popular news channel NDTV become a news itself over social media channel - Twitter, the tweet says that NDTV is using forged/ doctored videos and used a Youtube video posted 2 years back to use in recent coverage of  flood aftermath in north India. Apparently as seen in the picture tweeted, it shows NDTV indeed doctored the whole video with fake one picked up from Youtube.

The tweet has been made by Anurag Paranjape today's morning and soon became talk of Indian Twitosphere.

This reminded me of a movie - 'Spiderman 3' where hero of the movie exposes his rivalry photographer Eddie Brock working for a newspaper Daily Bugle, who used to make doctored photographs showing Spider-Man as a criminal for later got fired.

The tweet has mentioned Barkha Dutt of NDTV as well, who was also went through controversy in year 2008 when she along with NDTV sued a blogger Chyetanya Kunte for criticizing NDTV and Barkha Dutt for playing irresponsible role as journalist in the Mumbai attack  and the way she reported terror attack had "tactical implications" and might have worked to the advantage of the terrorists. The blog by the blogger however is now no more after NDTV got public apologies from the blogger.

If all this is true then, there is underlying agony in the revelation of this tweet , that if reputed news channel like NDTV can doctored the YouTube videos for using in news coverages than it raise a question of credibility and authenticity of news channels.

Earlier even Times of India published on it news website where it exaggerated a relatively cheap website and call its maker as - Mark Zuckerberg of India which then criticized by Indian blogosphere.

The role of mainstream which has now gone 3 times, in number of news channels in India in last 5 years so has always been matter of tiff between blogosphere and mainstream media.

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