A new free news app for the iPhone released today enables users to turn text-based web pages, such as articles and blog posts into video summaries automatically. The App - Wibbitz, is an alternative for reading long text content on your tiny mobile screen. Wibbitz creates beautiful video summaries out of text articles and can be seen as an alternative for reading long text content on your tiny mobile screen.

To stay updated on the latest news of your own subject you don't have to keep an eye on news article's textual words anymore especially when you are on the move, if you have iPhone or iPod Touch, Wibbitz lets you watch the news you love in the form of video summaries instead of having to read it word by word.

To 'watch & listen' articles choose news sources like world, business, technology, sports and around 50 different kind of sources you can choose from, swipe up anywhere to watch them, swipe down anywhere to go back, you can even arrange your feeds in the order you want. The resulting videos typically takes between 60-120 seconds to form, and include natural voice narration.

Using artificial intelligence, advanced text analysis and smart algorithms Wibbitz creates beautiful and short video summaries out of pure text to save you a lot of energy and time.

Wibbitz visualizes the story by taking full advantage of the iPhone’s beautiful screen and algorithmically generate video summaries out of text articles using large images, video clips, animated infographics and natural voice, the Wibbitz technology literally brings stories to life.

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Wibbitz automate the process of creating short videos at high speed and volume by intelligently weaving together related images, videos-clips and animated infographics.[/cp_quote]

To get published in Wibbitz app, Publishers can contact Wiibitz to apply as one, turn their web-pages video avatar capabilities, moreover publishers can even monetize your videos summaries weaved together from your web-pages. Currently there are about 50 different publishers in Wibbitz app.

Wibbitz technology allows to automatically transform text-based web pages, such as articles and blog posts, into beautiful short video summaries by applying a variety of smart natural language processing algorithms and machine learning capabilities to fully capture the essence of a story.

Wibbitz is backed by top tier investors including Horizons Ventures (famous for investment in facebook), Li Ka-Shing's private investment fund, Initial Capital and young VC company Kima Ventures. Yotam Cohen, Co-founder of Wibbitz told us that - the company is planning to launch the app for Android OS as well, it will be released within coming few months.


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