Digital Habits of Indian School Students - TCS Survey [Infographics]

In Smartphones usage Tier-II cities' youths overtake metros youths, says TCS GenY Survey 2012. TCS IT Wiz, India's biggest IT quiz for schools, started in 1999, for students of class 8-12 as an educational initiative. The TCS IT Wiz participation is around 17,000 students across India and is nationwide study that would capture the trends and pulse of the youth across this nation with a focus on technology. As per survey 7 out of 10 high school students said they own mobile phones, 92% said they use Facebook, about 20 per cent said they use mobile phones to get access to the internet (compared to just 12 per cent in 2009). About 62 per cent said they bought movie tickets online, while 47 per cent purchased books, DVDs and music.

Below figure depicts summary of top trends among 17,478 Indian school students of 12-18 years age group in 12 cities with time period of August 2012-December 2012. It is Largest Survey of Urban High School Student in India.

TCS-Survey-Top-Trends-2013 An exclusive study of this scale in 6 metro cities & 8 non-metro cities captured information access trends, social networking preferences, future education mindset, career interests and youth aspiration products.

Metro -  Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Non Metro - Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Cochin, Coimbatore, Indore, Lucknow, Nagpur and Pune.


On a surprise non-metro cities' youth population is one step ahead than youth of metro cities in many aspects such as - students in non-metro cities use home PCs more than metro students, around 51% of non-metro students have iPod/Mp3 players than  45% pf metro students.

Mobiles emerge as the first choice among students even ahead of the computers in 'Gadgets' section of this survey. Moreover Mini-metro children show greater usage of Gaming Consoles with around 18% of share than just 12.76 of usage among metro students, may be because of lack of time in metro-life and commutation problems which is more in metro than non-metro cities.
Digital Habits of Indian School Students - TCS Survey [Infographics]

Android seems to be top-choice among youths of both metro & non-metro cities of India while smartphone usage is slightly more in non-metro students with 59% usage comparing to 58% of metro cities students. The Tablet device is emerging as a popular as MP3 players though the laptop is used more, the Tablet is more favourite among students than a Laptop as they wanted to own tablet than to have laptop. Samsung emerged as the most popular brand in gadgets with 48.28 per cent respondents agreeing they have at least one of this brand device, while Nokia and Apple followed with 46.46 per cent and 39.56 per cent respondents saying they owned electronics products of these brands.

Social Networking

There is hardly any difference between the Metro and Mini-metro cities on the top preferences and there is steep the rise of sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn, especially in the metros. Facebook, Twitter and to everyone's surprise Orkut (which is dead already) are among top social networking portal among India gen-youths with 83.38%, 29.43% and 27.85% usage respectively. 22.33% of Indian does not use social networking portals at all. Social Networking Habbits among Indian School Students - TCS Survey [Infographics] Facebook, Twitter, Google and Twitter is among most preferred social networking sites among students of India and surprisingly students in non-metro cities use Twitter more than students in metro-cities.

Information Access

In terms of accessing internet, Internet access in metro schools is on the rise. With one in five children visiting cyber-cafes, it's still among most popular point to get access to internet in mini-metros. On the other hand Mobile Phone is popular internet access device in metros, 1 out of every 4 metro-city children browses on mobile-phones. Home is still the preferred place for access,although schools in metros are increasing access, students prefer browsing from Home for both metro & non-metro with 83.60% share for both accessing internet from home. Information Access Habits of Indian School Students - TCS Survey 2012

The device, access points and preference may vary between metro and mini-metro but time spent is more or less same for both. In survey its found that 1 out of every 4 children spends substantial - more than an hour on the Internet while 50% of the respondents spend more than 30 minutes.

As a reason for accessing internet project work and academic research for information is highest followed by social networking and accessing email. Interestingly 4 out of every 10 children are shopping online today.
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