India Biggest Gaming site Zapak Hacked, India's biggest gaming website's mobile version has been hacked by ZHC (ZCompany Hacking Crew) aka TeaMp0isoN is a group of computer hackers. The mobile website of - shown with messages such as - 'Hacked by ZHC Milan Mil', 'free Kasmir', 'Go India Go Back' etc.

India Biggest Gaming site Zapak HackedThis group of hackers active since year 2008 are same ones who were involved in very high-profile hacking incidents in the past such as - hacking and unauthorized status updates of Mark Zuckerberg and French President Nicolas Sarkozy's accounts on facebook in 2011 and also involved in Tony Blair address book leak, hack of NASA administered domain, released more than 100 usernames and login details of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) etc. and many more.

No official announcement has been made from as yet and the mobile website is still not accessible and show hacked page only.

The leader of the hacking groups is so called, 26 year old - 'Don' and it is said that unlike to most of the hacking groups like Zeus malware group, ZHC do not use any tools or softwares they exploit servers day-by-day and intrude the websites via loopholes such as - errors or or bugs that exist already in the websites.

Via - AalaW

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