Bored of your Google search engine? Wanna try something new?Try Shodan, the search engine, the next time you want to search something over the net and you will surely be never be bored again ever in your entire life.

Websites are just one part of the Internet. There are power plants, Smart TVs, refrigerators and much more that can be found with Shodan!

Launched in 2009, this particular search engine has earned the reputation of being called as the scariest search engine on Internet. Named after the villainous computer in the video game System Shock, the search engine is not just like another simple search engine. It's more of a prying eye across the world through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The hacker search engine, as Shodan is commonly called, is the works of the wonder minds of John Matherly. He designed it with an aim of linking all the devices connected to the Internet but fortunately, unfortunately, it became a play zone for hackers and experimenters in no time.

The search engine works by collecting and stacking HTTP addresses from various devices linked over the Internet across the world. The indexing is then done on the basis of categories such as brand, OS and country.

The search engine has excellent scanning powers. So much so that, it can even detect security cameras, power grids, control systems for gas stations, and even the nuclear power plants. These public services need to make extra efforts in increasing their online security as once exposed to hackers or terrorist organizations, the results could be very disastrous.

Further, if you have a telnet enabled security camera at your home for the "security" of your family, you might just want to put that camera to rest. Hackers can easily breach into your system if your IoT hub is exposed on the Internet using Shodan. So, for the security of your family, we recommend you to put that security camera right away and think of something else.

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