Google Launches Person Finder for Missing Ones in Flood of Uttarakhand, India
Lately, Google India has launched Person Finder to give information on missing people and trace them in severe flood affected areas of Uttarakhand state of India, the web app is available for public in both Hindi and English versions.

Google Person Finder is a web application that allows individuals to post and search for the status of missing relatives or friends affected by a disaster as affected areas are so badly hit by flood that it became inaccessible and communication become very scarcely possible. All data entered into Google Person Finder is available to the public and searchable and accessible by anyone.

The program also lets press agencies, non-governmental agencies and others contribute to the database and receive updates by using the Person Finder API based on the PFIF open standard.
The National Disaster Management Authority has listed the following helpline numbers for control rooms across rain affected areas in the state of Uttarakhand (please use India country code +91 as appropriate):

Uttarkashi:(+91) 1374-226461,
Chamoli:(+91) 1372-251437, 9411352136,
Rudraprayag:(+91) 1364-233727,9412914875,
Tehri:(+91) 1376-233433, 9411548090
Kedarnath:(+91) 1364-233727
Control Room (Uttarakhand):(+91) 135-2710334, 9557444486

Jayanth Mysore, Senior Product Manager on behalf of Google APAC and the Google Crisis Response team said - "We hope Person Finder helps people get the latest information about their near and dear ones in these flood affected areas."

Via - Google India Blog

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