Now you can get free internet access anywhere around the world, find wifi access on the road, anywhere using wifi networks from nearby hotspots, cafe, restaurants, bars, finding their passwords from the tips left on foursquare (no foursquare account required however).

VenueSpot is new app with apps - 4sqwifi (iOS) and Venue Spot (Android), the app shows results of nearest wifi network in metres.

Get Free WiFi Access Anywhere Around the World

However, most of the time you can use wifi for only 15 minutes but that's enough if you want to check/send emails in urgency. Moreover, you can even save and search previous wifi spot findings so there is no internet required at all. The app also use - 'Radar' which helps to easily locate your wifi location, it actually a very small app (23KB for Android) which display a radar view by drawing a bearing between user location and wifi location.

The app releaser/developer are independent and have nothing to do with, according to developers, app comes handy as - "Browse venues from your home, around any place on earth you choose from an interactive map inside the app, automatically store them, so when you visit that place, you will have all the wifi passwords with you, no internet access required! 100% offline use! Ideal for places with low mobile signal, trips abroad, or when you just can't afford to pay for mobile data!"

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