Facebook Now Launched Photos in Comments

Picture speaks louder than words, thus Facebook has now rolled out new feature for adding photos or images when you post comments in your friend's status in facebook, the new feature will now enable you to attach a photo directly when posting a comment to make threads with friends more expressive and engaging, earlier one can post a photo in comments by posting a link/URL to photo.

Previous to this new feature, in order to post pictures in comments facebook users need to to take the time to upload an image through a hosting site such as Imgur, Photobucket etc.The new photos comment feature will be made available for user-to-user interactions from now on, and will be available to Facebook pages' posts or groups' posts as well very soon.

Bab Baldwin, engineer at Facebook announced the new feature today who has developed this feature at a recent hackathon organized by Faecbook, he build this feature with Eric Faller, Zizhuang Yang, Ashwin Bharambe, Brandon Souba, and Alex Madjar, he said -"I'm so happy to launch, as this is the most exciting photos feature I've shipped to date!"

Earlier last week Facebook introduced 'Hashtags' as well similar to services like Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, where when you click on a hashtag in Facebook and you'll see than a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic.


Amit said…
Facebook is seems to be crazy in rolling out new features on weekly routine... gud gud !!
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