India's homegrown social networking portal called -, is claiming to be the next big thing with 100k signups daily, 12000 signup in first month and it has 7 millions of user base. The website has been launched last year in June.

The video below you see about WorldFloat is a good film (as technically) however doesn't say anything at all of what the portal is all bout, how to use the web app, different features or anything at all.

Claims -

Times of India website quoted about the founder of WorldFloat, Pushkar Mahatta as - "Will he eventually be India's Mark Zuckerberg?", now that's exaggerated to me on first thought however I went to the site and what I saw is a portal developed by some geeky developer with mix of all things which was once a hit in early 2000s era, like - ICQ Chat or Yahoo web cam chat, news aggregation, aggregated popular videos so what's the USP of this site?, apparently what's emphasized by "core news media" of India, it's floating user pics on location map (not a map actually just a pic). (check out yourself and give us your opinion)

More claims came from founder, Pushkar Mahatta, aged 37 and whose primary business is a real estate in and around New Delhi, that - "WorldFloat has already received offers from venture capitalists to buy site for nearly US$300 million."

The portal to my experience doesn't fit to be valued at US$300 million, even SnapDeal managed to get only $50 million from eBay than how can a portal which doesn't appeal as much as it's been glamorize by news portals get whopping 300 million dollars.

Sources - Times of India, Deccan Herald


Inspections has done a very good research on it yesterday called it as exaggerated PR hoax. The YourStory article also added more to it a day later by mentioning a mail that came from anonymous user quoting about founder of, as below -

“It’s a sad story, the PR power he has is immense (maybe because he can spend a lot). Mr. Mahatta is a real-estate tycoon in Delhi and owns 400+ Crores of property.

What I feel is that he was fooled by some developers into building the next big thing. He’s still spending a hell lot on Facebook Ads and AdWords.

It’s sad that such a powerful and rich man was fooled into this.”

This is not a new thing in India or even across the globe in 2006-07 claimed to be India's first web2.0 portal and in 2008 claimed to be India's First Microblogging platform sadly the company behind it has been shutdown, however the mainstream media in India is one who has helped these over the line businessmen (won't call them entrepreneurs).

One interesting thing one can do on WorldFloat other than web chat is - Watch Movies in English, Hindi, Urdu Punjabi and some of them are 2013 new released movies fetched and effort-fully searched from YouTube (DVD ripped etc,) I don't know if these movies copyright holders may have any objections or not.


Puneet said…
We did a cross check on worldfloat and found they've only 80K users. Check this out
Vardaan said…
@Puneet .. saw that figures of users on your blog that simply tell that it is pure hoax ! Gud research Puneet
milind said…
they r doing marketing of garbage....
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