Rajeev Circle Corridor for Startups in India to US Silicon Valley

Asha Jadeja Motwani, wife of late Stanford Professor, Rajeev Motwani who still holds a good name in silicon valley and an early advisor and mentor to companies like Google and PayPal. The Rajeev Circle Startup Corridor is an idea of Asha Jadeja Motwani, who sees potential in young Indian entrepreneurs though lack of mentor-ship or them as compare to US counterparts.

Rajeev is considered as a key architect of the algorithms that power Google today including the famous PageRank algorithm and had invested in plenty of startups in silicon valley, US. Asha too is an investor in over 75 start-ups in Silicon Valley and starting seed fund investing in India for startups particularly in technology sector.

asha_motwaniAs per Startup Corridor plan - at least 10 genuine entrepreneurs in India would be identified and invited as a fellow group called as - 'RajeevCircle Fellows' to silicon valley on a 2-week visit and ALL EXPENSES would be paid no conditions apply.

The RajeevCricle group was already there since year 2009, when Rajeev died this group is a response to a social and entrepreneurial vacuum left  due to absence of Rajeev.   Under same philosophy in march this year SiliconVillage, Kochi sent team of 5 young entrepreneurs from Kerala, India to silicon valley which than might shape up the idea of RajeevCircle Startup Corridor scheme on regular yearly basis.

The visit under this scheme will allow entrepreneurs & startups in India to have serious dialogue and depth discussions with ace personalities in Silicon valley. Each year a set of at least 10 fellow entrepreneurs will be identified, groomed and selected to send to Silicon valley for two weeks without any conditions in return.

Asha currently associated with dotEDUventures since year 2000 as a founding member to fund innovative technologies emerging from top US universities. Her  investments also includes that time Kaltix which is now Google and  Jareva  which is now Veritas.

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