Indian Researchers Developed World's Smallest Antenna

Researchers at BIT (Birla Institute of Technology), Ranchi, India have developed a smallest ultra wide-band antenna with high bandwidth, low energy and very cheap cost as per the news.

Srikanta Pal, academician and Mrinmoy Chakraborty, PhD research scholar at BIT (Mesra) Ranchi, India developed world's smallest super compact ultra-wide band (UWB) planar antenna with size of 14 mm X 11 mm useful in homes, military and among other domains.

The material used for antenna design is fiber reinforced plastics, which is less expensive. The fabrication process is simple wet chemical etching method. The UWBs are basically for high data rates, for short range, wireless personal area networks (WPANs) and this antenna can be pasted on any curved surface

The images or visuals of the antenna are not officially released  yet.

Previously, the smallest antenna record was held by researcher at Virginia Tech, USA developed in year 2008 with same bandwidth of 10:1.  (view here)

Srikanta Pal,  has made into world news earlier as well when National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), GREEN Bank, USA has installed his research products on World's largest 110Meter x 100Meter diameter GBT (Green Bank Telescope), read more here.

Top Picture Credit -  Alexis Tejeda

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