Digital Art Revolution: Vector Graphics

Vector art is a fast-developing design technique and style used by illustrators and graphic designers across the globe; from abstract compositions to photo-realistic illustrations, vector art offers endless possibilities

PR Newswire -- July 30, 2010

BRUSSELS, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Unlike raster-based images, vector art is infinitely scalable. Other advantages of vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand and CorelDraw are the ability to change the composition and adapt the colors with a few clicks. Today, vector art is really popular. More and more digital artists are creating vector designs. Stereo Strategy selected three vector art websites that are truly fuel for creative souls. is a vector art network for illustrators, vector artists and graphic designers who share a passion for vector illustrations. On, you can download vector freebies and discover the art of designers, agencies and collectives such as Adhemas, Jason Brooks, Jared Nickerson, UltraVivid, Jeremyville, Eboy and Obey Giant. Take a look at their vector artworks or follow the step-by-step vector tutorials to create amazing vector art yourself. offers a huge collection of free stock vectors, graphic design news, interviews with vector artists and graphic designers plus vector art tutorials - great examples of what's possible with the vector technique in print and web projects.

Vector art portal offers thousands of free vector downloads (vector packs, icon sets, clip art, logos, brushes and wallpapers) and focuses on the latest vector masterpieces and most relevant design news.

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