Meridian Energy Selects Martin Dawes Analytics to Detect & Eliminate Data Issues That Degrade Financial Performance

Meridian Will Leverage Lavastorm Daily to Develop, Test, and Improve Business Rules and the Conditional Logic Used for Handling Tariffs

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

BOSTON, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Martin Dawes Analytics (MDA), a global process analytic software and solutions provider, today announced that Meridian Energy has selected its Lavastorm Analytic Engine to ensure the accuracy of tariffs. Meridian, the largest state-owned electricity generator in New Zealand, provides both time of use (TOU) and non half hour (NHR) tariffs to its residential users, and provides a range of tariff packages for its commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. In an effort to streamline its billing accuracy process, Meridian's Tariff Team is using Lavastorm's software to more quickly detect and eliminate the data or logic inaccuracies that could lead to rating errors.

"MDA's software is enabling us to be significantly more accurate with less effort and time," said Linda Perkins, Retail Operations Manager at Meridian Energy. "The combination of a substantially more complex business with the pressures to deliver financial performance made MDA an easy and powerful choice. The tool is so flexible that we already see the opportunity to apply its analytic rigor to customer analytics, meter analytics, usage analytics, and settlement."

MDA's software is enabling Meridian to improve the accuracy and response time of its operations. The ability to gain full visibility into the data and achieve accuracy has two different values: it improves the speed of detection and resolution of rating errors and it has validated a number of rating errors that were previously thought to be inaccurate. This reduction in rating errors is improving revenue performance and the over-all customer experience, while the elimination of false positives is significantly improving the productivity of the resolution team.

"The transition to Smart Grid will dramatically increase both the data and business logic complexity for Utilities, which are already highly complex operations," said Drew Rockwell, CEO of MDA. "Meridian understood that their analytic and control capability could be improved to better manage that complexity which risks financial, operational, and customer performance. The combination of our technology and the ingenuity of their teams mean that they can put controls in place that maximize revenue today, and de-risk Meridian's further movement to Smart Grid operations."

About Martin Dawes Analytics

Martin Dawes Analytics is a global process analytics software company focused on maximizing cash from and improving the performance of complex processes. The Lavastorm Analytic Platform provides data and logic transparency at the atomic level, scales to any level of complexity, is extensible across the order-to-cash process, and delivers both ad hoc analytics and automated controls within one analytic environment. This capability delivers powerful solutions, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, cost validation, customer management, risk management, and core data analytics. For more information, visit, call +1 617 345 5422 ext. 244 or follow MDA on Twitter at

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