AutoViews360 Gets Smart with Mobile Technology

PR Newswire -- July 30, 2010

LAKELAND, Fla., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- is following communication experts' advice in using smartphone mobile technology for their dealer clientele.

Telecom industry analysts have recently reported that smartphones are one of the fastest growing technology segments in the US economy. Sales for mobile devices have produced consecutive double-digit growth over the last twenty-four month period.

In March, Mike DeCarlo of reported that mobile technology usage grew an astounding 193% last year alone. Forrester Research Analyst Charles Golvin noted that nearly one in every three US adult mobile phone subscribers uses a smartphone device, which is up from one in five less than a year ago.

"When industry experts agree on this type of data, then it's time to get onboard," states Tom Determan, owner of, "especially when your business is information-driven."

Employing smartphone technology gives AutoViews360 dealers a genuine advantage over dealers who only utilize a static website. Society today is quickly becoming ultra hi-tech as people are using mobile technology to stay current with news, weather and sale information. As a result, mobile devices are becoming an extremely important player in automotive advertising.

Determan's company works closely with the used car industry providing dealers with advanced easy-to-use multi-media advertising. As a result, independent car dealers receive the mobile technology perks from AutoViews360 - perks that enhance their customers' buying experience even before they drive on their lot.

Now that's getting smart with sales and technology.


Tom Determan 863-619-6594

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