Accenture Acquires Cientra, To Add Its 530 Engineers to Accenture's India Tech Centre

Accenture has acquired Cientra, a silicon design and engineering services company. Founded in 2015, ​Cientra is an Indian multi-national product solutions company incorporated in the USA and Germany. It offers custom silicon solutions for global clients.

The acquisition brings approximately 530 experienced engineers from Cientra to Accenture’s Advanced Technology Centers in India.

Cientra is headquartered in New Jersey, U.S., and has offices in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and New Delhi, India. Cientra specializes in embedded IoT and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design and verification across hardware, software, and networks. Their experience spans industries such as automotive, telecommunications, and high-tech.

Accenture's acquisition of Cientra strengthens its silicon design and engineering capabilities, enabling it to support growing data computing needs driven by trends like data center expansion, cloud computing, wireless technologies, edge computing, and AI.

This acquisition follows Accenture's recent additions of Excelmax Technologies (a Bangalore-based semiconductor design services provider) and XtremeEDA (an Ottawa-based silicon design services company) in 2022.

Cientra was founded in 2015 by Sandip Kadtane and Uday Joshi. The Cientra offers services in fields such as analog design, digital design, automotive embedded development, protocol stack development, and automation testing.

Sandip Kadtane, one of the co-founders, serves as the Vice President of Sales and has over 28 years of industry experience, he has held leadership roles at companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and multiple startups. Sandip's expertise spans CPU, networking, and mobile technologies, and he holds five patents. Notably, he has been involved in the development of multiple system-on-chip (SoC) designs that are now in mass production.

Uday Joshi, another Co-Founder, holds the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Cientra. His technical leadership contributes to the company's success in various domains. Unfortunately, further details about his background are not available in the provided sources.

Cientra has deep experience in engineering, development and testing across hardware, software and networks, in the automotive, telecommunications and high-tech industries.

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