Wipro Partners ZScaler to Launch AI-Assisted Decision Support Platform 'Wipro Cyber X-Ray' for CXOs

Wipro Cyber X-Ray empowers CXOs to make optimized security investment decisions

Wipro has launched a new AI-assisted security and risk platform called Wipro Cyber X-Ray, which is powered by Zscaler. This platform is designed to support Chief Experience Officers (CXOs) in making optimized security investment decisions and effectively communicating cyber values to senior leadership and the board.

The new platform essentially helps top management executives make more informed decisions based on the intelligence provided and validates if the cyber investment is helping them achieve the desired maturity.

Wipro Cyber X-Ray aims to provide comprehensive risk visibility across various cyber projects, which can be a challenge for security business leaders, especially when justifying the spending required to sustain cybersecurity programs. The platform offers an executive dashboard to visualize cyber risk posture, activate cyber initiatives, and deliver value to the organization by helping to understand over-or under-investment in security programs.

The platform also provides security processes, strategy, and performance benchmarking to help enhance organizations’ cybersecurity posture. With many teams being asked to do more with less, Wipro's collaboration with Zscaler aims to provide clients with a security management tool that provides visibility and enables efficient allocation of cyber investments

The collaboration with Zscaler, a leader in cybersecurity and zero trust digital transformation, enhances the platform's capabilities, providing business intelligence that allows security leaders to confidently communicate the value of current cyber investments through a cost vs. impact analysis.

This initiative is part of Wipro's ongoing efforts in the field of AI, having developed over 2,000 AI use cases for clients. It reflects the company's commitment to building innovative solutions that address complex digital transformation needs.

Zscaler is a company that provides cloud- based security services. It operates the world's largest security-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud platform, offering a suite of services that include Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler designed to secure users' internet traffic and help businesses move securely to the cloud.

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