HCLTech to Set Up a HPE Private 5G Lab in Noida

HCLTech has entered a strategic global partnership with Athonet, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company, to offer customized Private 5G solutions to enterprises across various industries, including communication services providers (CSPs).

As part of this collaboration, HCLTech plans to establish a dedicated HPE Private 5G lab in Noida, India. The lab will explore new use cases and demonstrate industrial applications of private 5G networks.

Leveraging its expertise in 5G, cloud, edge computing and digital transformation, HCLTech aims to help enterprises deploy and manage secure and high-speed private 5G networks based on Athonet's award-winning mobile core technology.

About the Athonet, it is an HPE company that specializes in providing advanced 5G Core Network solutions. Their 5G Core platform is designed for private mobile networks and offers several key features. The Athonet 5G Core is built on the proven track record of their LTE mobile core. It allows professional users to deploy sophisticated 5G networks with Wi-Fi-like simplicity, using any 5G radio from any vendor.

Athonet's 5G Core is critical for private cellular networks, connecting enterprise systems and applications to radios and devices. It enables advanced use cases such as augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), Industry 4.0, robotics, public safety, healthcare, and digital equity.

Besides HCLTech, Athonet has also partnered with Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi), an Indian Telco operator, to test 5G-based solutions for Industry 4.0 use cases. These trials explore applications in smart construction, smart warehousing, smart agriculture, and smart workplaces.

The establishment of the HPE Private 5G lab in Noida, India by HCL Technologies could have several positive impacts on businesses in India. The lab will serve as a hub for exploring new use cases and applications of private 5G networks. Businesses can collaborate with HCLTech to develop innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs. Industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and smart cities can benefit from customized private 5G networks.These networks can enhance automation, improve real-time communication, and enable IoT devices.

Private 5G networks offer better coverage, low latency, and high bandwidth. Businesses can deploy these networks within their premises to ensure reliable and secure connectivity for critical operations.

Early adopters of private 5G technology can gain a competitive edge. Businesses that leverage 5G for automation, remote monitoring, and data analytics may see increased efficiency and productivity.

The lab's focus on 5G, cloud, and edge computing aligns with India's digital transformation goals.

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