GitHub and Infosys Together Launch CoE in Bengaluru

GitHub has partnered with Infosys to launch a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Bengaluru. This collaboration is aimed at accelerating the software production process by partnering with Global System Integrators (GSIs). The CoE was inaugurated by GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke, and it represents a significant step in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the speed of software development globally.

The partnership also highlights the importance of GitHub Copilot, which is being enabled organization-wide at Infosys to assist developers throughout the software development lifecycle. This move is expected to bring about a globalized step change in the speed of software production.

This initiative is part of a broader trend where Indian developers are becoming increasingly significant contributors to AI projects on GitHub's platform. It's projected that by 2027, India will surpass the United States in terms of the total developer population on GitHub. This partnership between GitHub and Infosys is a testament to the growing influence of Indian developers in the global software development landscape.

The primary goal is to accelerate the software development process by leveraging artificial intelligence and GitHub's tools, including GitHub Copilot. By integrating GitHub Copilot across Infosys organization-wide, developers are expected to experience a significant boost in productivity and efficiency.

The partnership underscores the growing influence of Indian developers in the global software economy. It's projected that by 2027, India will have the largest developer population on GitHub, surpassing the United States.

The establishment of the CoE is a strategic move to harness the potential of AI in software development and to create a new wave of business value in the global economy. It marks the beginning of what GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke refers to as the "Age of Copilot," signifying a new era for GSIs and software development at large.


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