Tech Mahindra and Microsoft Introduce Unified Workbench on Microsoft Fabric

Tech Mahindra and Microsoft have joined forces to introduce a unified workbench built on Microsoft Fabric.  This collaborative effort aims to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Fabric and empower organizations to create complex data workflows through a user-friendly interface.

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one data analytics platform for businesses. It simplifies data management and analysis, offering tools for various user skillsets and integrating with Microsoft 365 apps. In short, it helps businesses unlock the power of their data for better decision-making.

Unified Workbench Features

The workbench, co-developed by Tech Mahindra and Microsoft, offers a range of features:
  • Data Pipeline Creation: Simplifies the process of creating data pipelines.
  • Data Quality as a Service: Ensures high-quality data for analytics and decision-making.
  • Data Observability: Provides insights into data behavior and performance.
  • Data Products Marketplace: Facilitates the exchange of data products.
  • Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning: Empowers organizations to modernize and upgrade their technology infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Improved Agility: By streamlining workflows and optimizing data, organizations can enhance operational efficiency by 30-40%. 
  • Reduced Costs: Traditional data management costs are minimized.
  • Unified View: Customers gain a single dashboard that unifies enterprise tools and systems, eliminating silos and enabling better decision-making.
This collaboration will enable effective utilization and monetization of data assets. Data scientists, analysts, and business professionals will benefit from a seamless experience.

Tech Mahindra, a gold-certified Microsoft partner, has a 15-year association with Microsoft. Their expertise in analytics and cloud migration initiatives, along with certified cloud and data cloud architects, positions Tech Mahindra as a trusted partner in the cloud services industry.

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer, Tech Mahindra, said, “Our long-standing partnership with Microsoft has been helping enterprises embrace the vast potential of data & AI in the cloud. With innovative solutions like the unified workbench for Microsoft Fabric, we enable customers to accelerate their journey to becoming more data driven in their operating model and more cognitive in their approach to the business.”

Zia Mansoor, Corporate Vice President, Data & AI, Microsoft, said, “Tech Mahindra is delivering innovative services and solutions on Microsoft Azure and Fabric, that will enhance customer experiences, accelerate business transformation and drive growth. Together, with Tech Mahindra, we will help customers take advantage of Microsoft Azure and AI to thrive and achieve success.”

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