LTIMindtree Introduces Composable Storefront Solution on Salesforce for Retailers To Create Customized Shopping Experiences

LTIMindtree has introduced the Composable Storefront Quick Launch solution on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable retailers to create customized shopping experiences that align with their business demands and elevate customer interactions in the e-commerce space.

The solution follows a modular, cloud-native, and tech-agnostic approach, allowing businesses to adapt quickly without incurring excessive costs.

It is built using loosely coupled components integrating independent modules like product catalog management and payment processing.

Businesses can efficiently customize and upgrade without system-wide impact.

Out-of-the-Box Capabilities

With over 20 best-in-class UI enhancements and features to kickstart B2C commerce experience in addition to leveraging all out-of-box capabilities including features such as:
These capabilities provide a rapid kickstart for e-commerce ventures.

Custom Features

  • Enhanced user experience (UX)
  • Dynamic Marketing Pages leveraging the Page Designer capability
  • Store Locator with Google Maps
  • Order History


  • Accelerate time-to-market by 30% to 40%
  • LTIMindtree claims that it boost sales by 10% to 15% within a quarter
  • Enable B2C buyers to discover and purchase products easily
  • Lay the foundation for growth across channels and geographies

Transitioning from Legacy Platforms

Conventional e-commerce solutions (legacy or monolithic platforms) are slow to update and difficult to customize.

LTIMindtree says that its Composable Storefront allows businesses to prepare for future-oriented actions by maximizing adaptability in their technology stacks.

In summary, this solution empowers retailers to create unique and personalized customer experiences, driving growth and operational efficiency in the digital commerce landscape.


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