Cisco Introduces Hypershield, A Groundbreaking AI-native Security for Data Centers and Cloud

Cisco has introduced the most consequential security product in Cisco’s history — "Cisco Hypershield". It’s a cloud-native, AI-powered approach to highly distributed security for AI-scale data centers that’s built into the fabric of the network.

Cisco Hypershield is one of the most significant security innovations in Cisco's history. It combines hyperscaler technology with an Al-first approach, tipping the scales in favor of defenders.

By partnering with NVIDIA, Cisco co-creates security-specific Al models, optimizing security products for NVIDIA's technology.
Cisco Hypershield security architecture reimagines security with an AI-native approach, bringing the speed and power of hyperscaler technology to the enterprise.

Hypershield is built on open source eBPF, the default mechanism for connecting and protecting cloud-native workloads in the hyperscale cloud. Cisco acquired the leading provider of eBPF for enterprises, Isovalent, earlier this month. Here are some key points about Cisco Hypershield:

1. AI-Native Solution: For the first time, Cisco combines hyperscaler technology with an AI-native solution to address today's security challenges. Hypershield is designed to defend modern, AI-scale data centers.

2. Distributed Architecture: Hypershield integrates network and workload enforcement points under a unified management system. It extends protection seamlessly from traditional infrastructures to the cloud, ensuring robust and scalable security.

3. Key Benefits
  • Hyper-Distributed Security: Hypershield reaches all areas of your network, tapping into previously unreachable workload and network enforcement points.
  • Rapid Exploit Protection: It blocks application exploits within minutes, employing surgical compensating controls evaluated against live production traffic.
  • Adaptive Segmentation: Hypershield continuously adapts and learns, applying highly specific controls tailored to your security needs.
  • Self-Managed Updates: Unified management across the network and workloads allows safe testing on live traffic without risking operations². 
4. Distributed Exploit Protection Module: Hypershield's module automates the entire process of detecting, prioritizing, evaluating, and deploying controls against vulnerabilities. It drastically reduces the time to protect against new vulnerabilities, ensuring smooth application operation.

In summary, Cisco Hypershield represents a significant milestone in cybersecurity, enhancing the security of AI-scale data centers and providing a new level of protection for modern applications and dynamic compute environments. If you're interested in staying informed about Hypershield, you can sign up for updates on its capabilities, demos, and more.


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