Google is in advanced negotiations to acquire a 22.5-acre land parcel in Juinagar, Navi Mumbai, for its first captive data center in India, reported Economic Times.

The land, owned by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and currently leased to Gramercy Trade Industries, is valued at approximately Rs 850 crore. This move is part of a broader trend where tech giants are establishing hyperscale data centers in India, driven by the post-pandemic digital boom and the country's strategic location.
Google in Advanced Talks to Acquire 22.5-acre Land in Navi Mumbai for Its 1st India Captive Data Centre
These colorful pipes are responsible for carrying water in and out of our The Dalles, Oregon data center. The blue pipes supply cold water and the red pipes return the warm water back to be cooled.

Early this year, Adani Enterprises Limited, the flagship company of the Adani Group, and the Government of Maharashtra had signed an MoU to set up 1 GW hyperscale data infrastructure in the state at an investment of ₹ 50,000 crore, over the next 10 years.

The establishment of a Google data center in India is expected to have several positive impacts on services for Indian users:

Improved Performance: Local data centers can reduce latency, leading to faster access to Google's services.

Data Localization: With data stored locally, users may experience improved privacy and data protection, aligning with India's data laws.

Enhanced Reliability: A local data center can offer better reliability and uptime for Google's services.

Support for Digital India: It aligns with the government's push for digital services and can enhance the overall digital infrastructure.

Economic Growth: It may contribute to local economic growth through job creation and infrastructure development.

Overall, this move is likely to enhance the user experience and support the growing demand for Google's services in India.

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