The platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to unify the modern data ecosystem from curating data to managing model development to enabling insight discovery, ultimately allowing users to make better business decisions more quickly.

Fosfor, a product division of LTIMindtree [NSE: LTIM, BSE: 540005], a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, at its Foton 2024 event, announced the launch of the Fosfor Decision Cloud (FDC). The FDC is a connected fabric that helps companies organize data to build automated, modular, trustworthy data transformation pipelines, build and deploy impactful AI applications, and harness the power of AI to make better business decisions, faster.

Currently companies need to create their own collection of disconnected point solutions to facilitate the transformation of data into business insights. The Decision Cloud represents the next step in the evolution of formerly disconnected data and AI investments into a modern decision stack that augments the data-to-decisions journey using three new innovations:
  • Fosfor AI: The GenAI-powered assistant that helps with frequent tasks across the data-to-decisions journey such as constructing data pipelines, generating ML model code, constructing natural language prompts, and curating data stories. Fosfor AI radically increases productivity for virtually any user persona, thereby reducing time-to-insights and accelerating the realization of business outcomes.
  • Fosfor Semantic: The knowledge graph used by all FDC capabilities to organize and maintain the integrity of data, define data relationships, and enable the application of advanced analytics to the data. Because Fosfor Semantic is used to facilitate everything from data integration to AI algorithm development to insight generation, it vastly accelerates all steps of the data-to-decisions journey.
  • Fosfor UX: The design system through which all capabilities are accessed using consistent navigational elements and constructs, curated for specific personas based on their commonly used workflows and goals. Fosfor UX flattens the learning curve and simplifies collaboration across various personas, allowing all users to adapt more quickly to the FDC platform.
The FDC is supported by a robust partner ecosystem anchored by Snowflake, Fivetran, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform, and GoldenSource. Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and Fivetran are FDC launch partners.

“The Decision Cloud marks a major milestone in the evolution of Fosfor and is a major breakthrough in the way businesses can develop and deploy AI to achieve business value,” said Debasis Satpathy, Chief Business Officer, Fosfor. “To elevate the impact of business outcomes, the Decision Cloud brings all the required capabilities onto a single platform, along with powerful insight tools, to support every persona involved in an accelerated data-to-decisions journey. We are excited about the impact the FDC is going to have on the business effectiveness of AI.”

“Organizations across industries continue to struggle with the fragmentation of applications and tools,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake. “With the Fosfor Decision Cloud seamlessly integrated into Snowflake, customers can now tap into a single experience to fully democratize their data and fuel their data-driven decision making.”

“Fivetran is pleased to be Fosfor’s launch partner for automated data movement,” said Scott Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Fivetran. “Providing the foundational capability to integrate with virtually any data source to cost-effectively bring business data into cloud warehouses where the Decision Cloud can then transform it into insights and business value. Using our library of 400+ connectors, Decision Cloud users can focus on building outcome-targeted data products that accelerate their insights journey. We look forward to working together with Fosfor to define the modern decision stack and create transformational outcomes for our customers.”

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