Samsung R&D Institute and Vellore Institute of Technology Sets Up SEED Lab, a State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Engineering Lab

Lab provides millennial and Gen Z students an exciting opportunity to conduct research in emerging tech areas and help find solutions to real-world problems

Engineers at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore will mentor the students to make them industry-ready

Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore has collaborated with Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) to set up a ‘Samsung Student Ecosystem for Engineered Data (SEED) Lab’, providing students and faculty an exciting opportunity to delve into thel world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data engineering.

At the lab, students and faculty members of VIT will get to work on joint research and development projects on emerging cutting-edge tech areas such as mobile tech, speech and text recognition and machine learning, with senior engineers at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore (SRI-B).

Samsung has already launched two SEED labs in Karnataka earlier. Through the initiative, more than 250 students have been engaged on AI and big data-related projects.

Samsung R&D Institute and Vellore Institute of Technology Sets Up SEED Lab, a State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Engineering Lab

At Samsung, we believe in leveraging the power of the ecosystem. Our strategic partnership with VIT, Vellore not only reflects our commitment to fostering cutting-edge research but also reinforces our dedication to nurture talent and upskill our workforce. With VIT, we are forging new frontiers in research and innovation, while nurturing the next generation of digital leaders. Together, we are embarking on a journey to unlock the limitless potential of research and learning in the fast-evolving technology and business landscape. This will further Samsung’s unwavering commitment to its vision of #PoweringDigitalIndia,” said Mohan Rao Goli, Chief Technology Officer, SRI-B.

The Lab at VIT, Vellore plans to leverage the capabilities of academia in executing AI & Data-centric projects by building an end-to-end pipeline for data which includes collection, engineering (curation, labelling, etc.), carrying out data research projects & experiments, data management and archival.

Collaborative research projects will be open to third and fourth year B.Tech and M.Tech students, and Ph.D. scholars at VIT. Students will also be encouraged to publish papers jointly with SRI-B engineers.

The SEED Lab, which is a collaborative initiative between SRI-B and VIT for 5 years, is spread across 4,000 sq ft. In its initial phase, the Lab has been equipped with facilities such as a green room with lighting equipment to conduct experiments in varied lighting conditions, devices & accessories, image quality analysis tools, among others. It also has robust backend infrastructure to store, process and archive large volumes of data. Additionally, the Lab is also capable of hosting close to 75 members within, who can work inside the Lab. In the subsequent phases, the in-house capabilities of the Lab will be expanded with dedicated facilities that enables work on areas such as 3D, AR/VR, among others.

Today, our world is becoming increasingly data-centric, and along with AI, it continues to transform the way we live, work and do business. Samsung SEED lab is a great initiative that gives students the opportunity to learn and work under SRI-B engineers on research projects that address the issues facing the world,” said Dr. G Viswanathan, Founder & Chancellor, VIT, Vellore.

All students will receive certificates for their contribution at the end of each project from SRI-B.

Samsung has been working with students across top engineering colleges in Karnataka on various R&D projects on areas such as AI, ML, Internet of Things & Connected Devices, and 5G networks, as part of the very popular students’ engagement programme named Samsung PRISM. 

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