Meet Vasu and Vidya – India's AI-Driven Financial Mentor by Research & Ranking

Research & Ranking, the equity investment advisory brand and a part of Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Private Limited, with Teacher’s Day around the brand has launched India's AI-driven financial Mentors Vasu and Vidya. Designed to empower individuals with comprehensive financial insights through engaging and visually appealing snackable content. Vasu and Vidya are among the early AI Financial Mentors in the BFSI industry in India.

Vasu and Vidya form a delicate balance between wealth creation and rational understanding., They will revolutionize how individuals perceive and understand various finance-related topics driven by AI. Through short videos, they will dive into personal finance, investing, budgeting, saving, and more complexities. The user-friendly format aims to make even the most intricate financial concepts accessible to a broader audience, enhancing finance understanding nationwide.

Alok Arya, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), of Research & Ranking shares, “Our mission at Research & Ranking is to educate and empower individuals to create wealth by establishing trusted relationships with clarity, consistency, and compounding. We firmly believe that the right investment advice can help investors achieve their financial goals, and demystifying investments is the first step towards this aim. To this end, we are reiterating and enhancing the delivery of information by leveraging the capabilities of AI.”

He further adds, “The introduction of Vasu and Vidya marks our giant leap toward promoting financial education by presenting financial information as engaging and relatable. We envisage a future where individuals from all walks of life can confidently navigate the intricate landscape of finance, securing their financial well-being."

The AI-Driven Financial Mentors will cover diverse topics, catering to novice learners and those looking to expand their financial knowledge. Whether it's understanding the basics of stock market investing, or exploring strategies to grow wealth, these AI mentors will deliver expert guidance concisely and interactively.

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