GE Healthcare To Develop AI-Assisted Ultrasound Tech; Gets Over $44 Mn Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

GE HealthCare has announced that it received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for more than $44 million to create user-friendly, artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted ultrasound imaging auto-assessment tools.

Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will facilitate development of AI-assisted applications and tools to enable healthcare professionals with less experience to perform quick and accurate ultrasound scans to help address maternal and fetal health and respiratory diseases

To recall, in February this year GE Healthcare acquired Caption Health, a San Francisco based medtech company that has developed an AI platform that enables heart ultrasound access for early disease detection.

The AI-powered ultrasound technology, for which the GE Healthcare has received the grant, will be developed by Caption Health. The company will design this technology to run across a range of ultrasound devices and probes, including lower-cost handheld devices.

The multimillion grant came shortly after Caption Health had received FDA approval for its first AI tool, which helps clinicians perform heart ultrasounds to spot signs of cardiac disease.

Ultrasound is an essential tool for screening and diagnosis of various medical conditions, including the health of expectant mothers and managing respiratory diseases.

The AI Tools to be developed will seek to aid healthcare professionals—even those without specialized training or experience with ultrasound—with clinical decision information to support more effective obstetric and lung screening ultrasound scans across maternal and fetal care as well as pediatric lung health, with a goal of expanding access to low-and-middle income countries (LMIC) and across diverse sites of care.

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