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Holi is an ancient tradition and one of the most popular festivals in Hinduism. This year, the annual Festival of Colors will be held on March 8. On its eve, the Binomo brand congratulated its users on the holiday and launched a special developing mask in collaboration with Snapchat.
Mask’s mechanics
The mask shows gamified mechanics familiar to many people since childhood. It has become popular thanks to the classic masterpieces of the global gaming industry which were released on the legendary consoles of the 80s Nintendo Game & Watch. The mask allows users to check their reaction and attentiveness: green and red falling arrows appear on the device screen, and the user controls a virtual bag by moving to the right or left and collects these arrows into it. When the user collects the required number of falling elements, a colorful Holi-style explosion hails him. After that, the mask user receives a promo code for any deposit on the trading platform Binomo.
References to the platform
The process is accompanied by the inscription "What is the color of success?", which serves as a reference to the essence of the platforms’ operation: the user needs to predict the direction of change in the asset’s rate. Red indicates downward movement, and green is used for upward movement. If the user chooses the right color, and, accordingly, the direction, he receives a profit for the correct forecast.
Practical benefit
The mask serves as a simulator to improve reaction and concentration. According to Binomo, these qualities are necessary to increase the percentage of successful transactions for everyone who chooses trading.
You can find the simulator mask on Snapchat by the name Binomo or by following this link.


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