Step Up Academy, an Ed-tech start-up announced plans to open 52 offline centres in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. The centres will function as tech-enabled physical tuition classes and put an emphasis on improving student involvement and outcomes. The methodology is anticipated to assist students in closing learning gaps.

Dr. Sonu Pachori, Founder of Step Up Academy

In order to provide students with an impactful learning experience, Step Up Academy's offline centres will combine the best available technology, instructors, and teaching methods. These centres also cater to the needs of a sizable segment of parents and students who prefer a physical component to online teaching support.

Speaking on this, Dr. Sonu Pachori
, Founder of Step Up Academy, as Medical Graduate said, "Step Up Academy is dedicated to providing top-notch online education. Our faculty have a wide range of talents and expertise, making them well-suited to lead students through a variety of learning methodologies. Each one of our academy instructors brings a unique perspective and instructional approach to the table, ensuring that the course material we offer is original, engaging, and effective. We are assured that all of our students will benefit from the teaching methods used by our teachers."

Step Up Academy, a branch of Stereofox Pvt. Ltd., is a Central India-certified online education start-up committed to offering one of the best online education experiences through the use of cutting-edge technologies like AI, AR, and VR. With over one lakh students, the Ed-Tech platform works to offer the finest guidance and mentoring to students from grade one to twelve, as well as NEET and JEE aspirants. The organizations goal is to provide applicants with a high-quality education by employing cutting-edge online education solutions from Step Up and taking original, creative initiatives.

The Step Up Academy team consistently possesses excellent managerial abilities that have helped them to place multiple students in numerous firms and lead several teams to aid in their professional development. The team is looking to advance their professional growth and strengthen team leadership skills.


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