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Education system in India faces the problem of computing resources. While the cost of PCs has dropped over the past decade, they are not yet available in rural and low-income urban schools.


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Indian Schools are Saving up to 20% on Computer Purchases Using ASTER Software (Photo: Business Wire)

Indian Schools are Saving up to 20% on Computer Purchases Using ASTER Software (Photo: Business Wire)

In December 2022, a computer lab based on the ASTER software was established at Walden's Path School in India. 4 workplaces were created on a single computer.


Sunil Reddy at Walden's Path School said, “We started a pilot project with ASTER, a multiseat software developed by an IBIK Software company.”


By intelligently distributing the power of one desktop or PC, the software allows 12 simultaneous users to utilize the system’s power without compromising on speed. This saved us around 20% on computer purchases at the school. Other schools can also use ASTER to save budget on computers, electricity consumption, and classroom administration.


“For our pilot project, we used one CPU and connected 4 monitors, 4 wireless keyboards, and 4 mouses. Once all the peripherals were connected to the CPU, we installed ASTER software, and upon installation, it automatically recognized all the connected devices. Now each monitor works with a keyboard and mouse that work independently,” he added.


During the trial run, video content was browsed on the internet with multiple tabs, and it was seen that it did not slow down the system. The system was used to code languages using JetBrains IDE, and all the programs were executed without delay.


“We are pleased to cooperate with IBIK Software. Buying 4 desktops would be an enormous waste of resources on our part. In the future, instead of investing into multiple low-configuration CPUs, we can purchase a single high-configuration CPU and connect up to 12 monitors, keyboards, and mouses,” Reddy commented.


Offering a 14-day trial period with the opportunity to create up to 12 workplaces, ASTER received several awards and honors - a gold medal at FairTech-2018 in China, a 5-star award from the editorial board of the Chip magazine in the Czech Republic, and the BEST SOFT 2016 award from the editorial board of the PC Magazine.




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