Antier School of Blockchain Set to Script Growth Story of Punjab 3.0
  • ASB’s F60Day Program will convert any Web 2.0 engineer into Web 3.0 engineer within two months through a proven model currently operational in Antier
  • Antier committed to partnering with all colleges and universities of the region to achieve optimum results
  • The world’s largest blockchain consulting firm, Antier aims to develop Mohali as ‘Blockchain Capital of India’ by acting as a stimulus to facilitate a tech ecosystem for businesses to thrive
  • Launches First 60-Day Program under the aegis of Antier School of Blockchain (ASB)
  • ASB aims to upskill fresh engineering graduates in Punjab and make them industry ready, building a base of largest number of blockchain engineers for the next 10 years
Striving to give a strong impetus to Punjab’s long-term economic growth by developing Mohali as the Blockchain Capital of India, Antier, the world’s largest blockchain consulting company, today announced the launch of its First 60-day (F60Day) Program under the aegis of Antier School of Blockchain (ASB) with the greater purpose of enabling businesses to stay a in head of the curve by adopting new technologies and generating employment by making students industry-ready through upskilling to prepare them for Punjab 3.0.

While the second phase of the growth story of post-Independence Punjab was powered by the Green Revolution, the state is now on the cusp of a technology-driven revolution signified as Punjab 3.0.

Having a 600-strong workforce, the largest among all blockchain companies the world over, Mohali-based Antier aims to turn the city into a tech hub on the lines of Bangalore with ASB acting as a stimulus to facilitate a tech ecosystem for businesses to thrive, thus benefiting startups, business owners, big tech companies and policymakers alike. These conducive conditions for growth will, in turn, attract more FDI to Punjab and turn it into an attractive investment destination.

Elaborating on his idea and vision behind ASB, Antier CEO and Founder Vikram R. Singh said, “By establishing industry-academia linkages to create a flourishing business ecosystem in Punjab in collaboration with the government, private enterprises and colleges, we want to make the most of the immense employment generation potential of blockchain by providing trained manpower. We aim to build a base of the largest number of blockchain engineers in Punjab for the next 10 years, and we have all the expertise and infrastructure to accomplish this,” said Vikram.

The F60Day Program will not only convert any Web 2.0 engineer into a Web 3.0-ready engineer within two months through a proven model currently operational in Antier, but will also help in attracting foreign IT companies to Punjab. “There are 174 Engineering colleges in Punjab, including 148 private and 26 public colleges, and we are open to collaborating with all those who want to avail our services to achieve optimum results. To begin with, blockchain should be made a part of the curriculum as a specialisation in all technical colleges across the state,” Vikram said.

The availability of talent is the key differentiator for the booming tech industry in Tier1 cities. Whenever a multinational sets up its base in any region, not only does it improve the financial status of people and advance the economic growth of that region, but also brings along world-class tools to train resources in terms of aptitude and attitude.

Vikram maintained that blockchain can create so many jobs in Punjab that its youth would no longer have to go out in search of better avenues. “While 1 lakh students migrate from Punjab every year for education, our industry-relevant courses will stem this tide and enhance the employability of tech graduates,” he said.

ASB will also create a positive impact on the startup culture in the state by providing solutions which are both saleable and scalable and enabling the smooth transition of new businesses from conventional technology platforms to blockchain-driven systems.

Antier had launched ASB as a pilot project internally four years ago by formulating the F60Day Program and establishing a training lab. ASB has already trained more than 500 resources, which form a part of Antier’s 600+ workforce.

Blockchain is the epitome of tech in the future, which is expected to create 10 million jobs in India by 2030.

ℹ️ Blockchain is a shared and immutable ledger that facilitates the process of tracking, tracing, trading and recording transactions and assets for businesses in a highly secure and transparent network. The future of technology, blockchain networks increase trust and reduce risk while allowing the trading and tracking of anything that holds value. Blockchain delivers many advantages to businesses, like cost savings as a result of increased speed, efficiency and automation. By significantly reducing paperwork and errors, it reduces overhead and transaction costs considerably and does away with the need for intermediaries to verify transactions. The blockchain ledger cannot be accessed by members without permission. Members in a blockchain network can control the information other members might see and the actions they might take.

About Antier:

Founded in 2011, Antier is a blockchain consultancy firm which has created a niche for itself by coming up with many scalable and saleable solutions that are poised to cause disruption in the fintech world. Its service basket includes blockchain development, metaverse development, mobile app development, smart contract development, DeFi, NFT development and digital marketing.

Having a global presence in the UK, US, Canada and India, Antier is empowering gaming companies to use blockchain and build better metaverse gaming products. The company has taken upon itself to help businesses adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Its rigorous research, design thinking-driven approach and unmatched solutions in strategy, consulting, technology and operations have created an innovative roadmap to enable the smooth transition of enterprises from conventional technology platforms to blockchain-driven systems.


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